Life’s Great When Uninterrupted

Your home is more than just a place to live. It represents the things you value most. With our Smart Home solutions, you can control and showcase your home elegantly, all with a single touch.

Lighting Control

Change the lighting in your home according to your mood with smart lighting control solutions from Aloha.

Windows And Blinds

Motorized windows, automatically adjust to the surroundings to offer you the perfect amount of ambient light, air flow, and temperature.

Home Theater

No wonder people find home theatre a little difficult to operate. Simplify operation and replace multiple remote controls with just one universal remote with our Smart Homes solutions.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are one of the most power-hungry devices in our home. However, once integrated into a home automation system with timers and sensors, it can operate far more efficiently.

Safety & Security

Quell those days that has fear alone in your daily life. Wrap the entire place within your palm with the help of our home security and automation systems that stays awake and vigilant round the clock.

Multi Room A/V Distribution

Entertainment is made as a part and parcel of your daily routine with our smart home audio automation systems. Our Home Automation System is intelligent enough to bring the music/video where ever you are.

Windows & Blinds

Home Theater

Safety & Security