Welcome to "Aloha Technocrats" footsteps. Mr. Jayabal is the energetic Managing Director of this concern, who have tremendous experience in the field of trading and manufacturing. In the year 1990 Aloha entered into the field of Fabrication. In the year 2007, we stepped into Welding and Home automation manufacturing. After these successful steps, we entered in the field of Pre-Engineered Building Manufacturing in the year 2011. Aloha started its Stabilizer Manufacturing Unit in 2016. Now, we have also started manufacturing the Oil Squeezer Machines from 2017. With great care and effort, we are delivering the best quality products on the specified time to our customers.


We at Aloha support friendly support to our customers as their satisfaction is our first priority.

Amazing Support

Aloha provides 24/7 support to our customers. Our engineers will be available at your site.


Aloha is committed to providing the highest quality of products and services to our customers.


We provide wide range of Aloha Stablizer, Aloha Peb, Aloha Oil Extractor, Aloha Welding Automation, Aloha Home Automation, AIKE products for our customers.


We at Aloha provide reasonably priced products, is considered to be amongst the primary preferences in the market.


The designs were customisable and readily available to the customers.